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Creating the Culture of Token-Graph Marketing

token-graph marketing What is Token-Graph Marketing?


Token-Graph Marketing is a new marketing method in the Web 3.0 era.

With blockchain, users can now own digital data as a unique "one-of-a-kind" item.
The ownership history of NFTs is visible on the blockchain, allowing marketing activity to be available around the ownership information.

For instance, a person owning a basketball player's NFT can indicate that they are a basketball and sports fan.
Understanding the user's ownership information helps us to choose the best marketing approach to match the user's tastes and preferences.



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Though NFTs are often focused only on the investment side, they are expected to be used in the future as a certificate of user behavior and skills and in advertisement management. Furthermore, as regulations surrounding cookies used in digital marketing are becoming tighter, we envision NFTs being used as a substitute.

Moving forward, alongside today's digital marketing, we will likely see the establishment of digital marketing methods for the cookie-less era that combine the customer IDs in CRMs managed by companies with the NFT ownership information in wallets.



CHANGES IN MARKETING Changing Marketing Concepts


CHANGES IN MARKETING What Changes with Token-Graph Marketing

Community-Building Promotions

Encouraging community building by distributing NFTs that serve as "keys" to access specific communities and member sites.


Direct-Targeting Promotions Based on Interests and Preferences

Promotion using games or idol characters to send NFTs instead of targeting customer acquisition through random video advertisements.


Challenges Challenges in Token-Graph Marketing

There are, however, still some challenges to overcome.
The penetration rate of wallets for receiving NFTs is about 5% globally.

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SUSHI TOP has developed a variety of services to counter this challenge.
For example, with NFT Shot, anyone can easily receive NFTs by reading a QR code.

Users do not need to prepare a wallet or an e-mail address in advance to receive NFTs. Users do not need to have any crypto assets or wallets. NFT Shot makes receiving NFTs easy, allowing issuing event participation and attendance certificate NFTs also easy.

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We provide multiple options to distribute NFTs: By QR codes, audio, and NFC cards.
Token-Graph Marketing enables communication with users without compromising their personal information and develops measures involving a large number of users.

As cookie regulations become stricter, Token-Graph Marketing using NFT is attracting more attention than ever as a digital marketing measure for the cookie-less era.

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