NFT Convenience Store

This service sells NFTs in Japanese yen and provides exclusive content for the holders.


*This is an example of the sales site for the original digital NFTs commemorating the "Utai Meika Cup RAIKAN-SEN" held from February 21 to March 31, 2023.

NFT Convenience Store Website

How NFT Convenience Store Works

1. Select the desired item and click the "Buy" button.スクリーンショット 2022-12-25 16.00.23


2. Enter your credit card information for the payment.
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3. After payment is completed, the screen to receive the NFT will appear.


4. Receive the NFT.


5. After receiving, return to the sales page to access the limited content.

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Feature Features of NFT Convenience Store

■ Simply prepare materials and sell NFTs on a dedicated website
- No gas fee.
- No need to depend on the marketplace to build a dedicated site.
- The NFT receiving page displayed after payment completion is a link accessible only once so that only the purchaser can receive the NFT.
■ Sell in Japanese yen, allowing easy access for NFT beginners
- No gas fee.
- No crypto assets or wallet required.
■ Enables special content offer to NFT purchasers only
- Able to determine whether or not a particular NFT is owned.
- Can provide limited content only to NFT holders.
- Since the purchase is not the end of the process, it establishes an opportunity for communication between the company and end-users using NFTs.


■ Selling the NFT as access rights to exclusive content

- Provide videos, e-books, etc., only available to the holders.

- Users can resell digital content access rights due to NFT.

■ Retailing of artists' merchandise

- NFTs can be sold as digital goods in the same way as selling products on an EC site.

- Giving exclusive access to special content only to users who have completed owning multiple NFTs.



Providing NFT Convenience Store Service to the Commemorative Event of "Utai Meika Cup RAIKAN-SEN" Hosted by a Popular VTuber

The #歌衣メイカ杯 RAIKAN-SEN was held at Commufa eSports Stadium Nagoya and online on February 23. To mark the event, we offered NFT Convenience Store where anyone could easily purchase NFT in Japanese yen.

In addition, NFT purchasers gained access to a holders-only voice message within the purchase page to enhance the experience.

User Feedback

■ From the Sellers

- I was happy to have my own website because my work got buried in other marketplaces.

- To be able to prepare special contents that only the people who bought my NFTs can receive, I thought I could build an ongoing relationship with them.
■ From the Holders
- Because I was able to purchase the NFT in Japanese yen, I was able to experience having an NFT for the first time!

- I was glad that the barrier was so low because I didn't need any virtual currency to purchase the NFT.

- Not only did I receive the NFT I purchased, but also had access to exclusive content, which was twice as fun.


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