What is Phygital?


Phygital combines the words "physical" and "digital" and is a concept that fuses the real world with the digital world.


Pairing NFT with T-shirts, sneakers, and other physical items gives users both physical and digital elements of the experience.


Phygital in a Variety of Formats



Enables selling cards that can distribute NFTs. The more NFTs are distributed, the higher the chance of winning a spot to get limited content, the more benefits the cardholder receives, etc., motivating users to promote the service to a broader audience.


Fashion Integrated

It could be applied to fashion items such as T-shirts, sneakers, etc.


Touch NFT FAN CARD with other fans!
The more you touch cards with others, the more NFTs will be issued to prove your FAN status.
Rewards such as raffle participation and exclusive gifts are then granted according to the number of NFTs issued, making incentives possible.


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How NFC Chip "Smart Plate" Enabling Phygital Works

議員在職10周年記念 (428 × 451 px) (2)

Users only need a smartphone

Users can access information and services set in the tag without installing a specific application by simply placing their smartphones over the marker.


Cloud Managed & Battery-Free Reduces Management Effort

The NFC tags are cloud-managed, allowing the URL to be updated later, regardless of whether the tag is away from the operator.
In addition, the battery-free information delivery device does not require battery replacement.


A Variety of NFC Choices

Various NFC tag types, such as cards and stickers, can be selected to match the project's content and the physical items.