One Shot

What is One Shot?

This service generates unique URLs for each NFT distribution site to meet users' needs who want to prevent unauthorized access in case of link leakage on SNS.  *Patent pending


Why "One Shot" ?


Create Products with NFTs

Add new product value by attaching an NFT-distributable QR to various goods.

Prevents SNS Leakage

A "Used QR code" will show when the same URL is accessed after receiving the NFT.


Sell NFTs Offline with Cash

Because only the URL recipient can issue the  NFT, it is an effective way to make an exclusive NFT delivery to individuals who actually purchased the item.


SUSHI TOP Can Generate Unique URLs in Various Formats

Customize our service to match your events!


Paper Cards
Designing and printing included.

Plastic Card
Designing and printing included.

URLs in CSV Data only
Ideal if your company handles the URL data directly or if you would like to send the URLs to customers via E-mail.

QR Data only
Ideal for printing on flyers and posters and in cases where you want to use Gacha service, etc.

Past Experiences

Cards with NFT for Denki Groove's Solo Concert

Provided cards with NFTs for Denki Groove's solo concert "and the ARENA ~Minna to Mirai no YOU to Pia~" held on October 15, 2022, at Pia Arena MM.

NFT holders will later receive benefits such as access to private videos and photos from the event.

The fans' overall experience can improve by selling cards with NFTs that grant privileges at each live event.


NFT Gacha at Laforet Harajuku Floor 6
Provided the NFT Gacha to BE AT TOKYO@HMN__nft's event (held on Sep. 24th and 25th) on the 6th floor of Laforet Harajuku.

The capsules were 500 yen per spin, and by scanning the QR code inside, one could receive an illustration from the creator.

The QR codes are all unique URLs that only allow the purchased customer to receive the NFT.
NFT Goods at the "Ya Boy Kongming!: Self-Esteem Ageage" Exhibition

We provided a system to distribute bonus NFTs from "Encouragement Postcards" that were available through Gashapon at a special exhibition reflecting the TV anime "Ya Boy Kongming!" held at Shibuya MODI from January 27, 2023 (Fri.) to March 5, 2023 (Sun.).

The QR code on the back of the postcard allowed NFT holders to access a special website where they could listen to the encouraging comments voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu.


For more details, click here

NFT Distribution at Illustration Exhibition by Ragu Miwano Held at Shibuya MODI

We provided our service at the illustration exhibition of illustrator Ragu Miwano held at Shibuya MODI, where visitors could receive an NFT using the QR code attached to the postcard set.

NFT holders could also vote for their favorite works on a special website, with the top five most popular pieces featured on SONY Vision.

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