NFT Smart Gashapon

Cashless payment-supported capsule toy vending machine "Smart Gashapon." This service allows users to receive NFTs while enjoying Gashapon.


Each capsule contains a unique NFT distribution URL, making only the purchaser can receive the NFT.



reason Why Use Smart Gashapon?

Improved Convenience with No Change Needed

Wide range of cashless payment support, from transportation e-money to QR code payment. Purchase quickly without change.

Safe from Spreading on Social Media

Once an NFT is received, the "Used QR Code" message will appear if the same URL is opened again, allowing only the original recipient to hold the NFT.

Better Entertainment

The system also provides a function to improve enjoyment during product purchase, such as displaying a lottery game on the touch panel.

how to How NFT Gashapon Works

1. Select the desired item on the Smart Gashapon screen.
2. Pay by IC card or QR code and spin the handle to get the item.
3. Scan the QR code printed on the product with your smartphone to receive the NFT!



Why can I get the NFT just by reading the QR code?

SUSHI TOP provides a system that allows people without wallets or crypto assets to receive NFTs easily. The wallet is automatically generated in the browser cache, which makes it accessible to those who do not have an NFT wallet.

SUSHI TOP Can Generate Unique URLs in Various Formats

Customize our service to match your events!

Paper Card
Designing and printing included.

Plastic Card
Designing and printing included.

URLs in CSV Data only
Ideal if your company handles the URL data directly or if you would like to send the URLs to customers via E-mail.

QR Data only
Ideal for printing on flyers and posters and in cases where you want to use Gacha service, etc.


Distribution of NFT Items at the "Ya Boi Kongming!: Self-Esteem Age-Age" Exhibition


We offered a system to distribute bonus NFTs from "Encouragement Postcards," which were obtained through Gashapon, at a special exhibition looking back on the TV animation "Ya Boi Kongming!" held at Shibuya MODI from January 27 to March 5, 2023. The QR code on the postcard gave access to a special website where NFT holders could listen to the encouraging voice of Ryotaro Okiayu.

For details, click HERE.