NFT Business Card

Distributes NFT business cards using IC cards.

Feature How NFT Business Card Works


■ Distributes business card NFTs by simply touching the IC card to a smartphone.



■ Easy-to-receive operation for NFT beginners.

- No gas fee
- No cryptocurrency or wallet required
- If you already have a wallet, connect it to your wallet



■ Create one IC card and distribute as many NFT business cards as you want.

    NFT business cards are also available in paper format, and 100 paper business cards will be provided for initial orders only.



■ Exchanging on business occasions

 - An Eco-friendly way to exchange business cards by simply touching the IC card to a smartphone, eliminating the need for paper.
 - The exchange history remains in the blockchain, allowing the user to identify when the card was exchanged.


■ Self-Promotion for NFT Creators

 - Advertising the works effectively via NFT.
 - Use as a marketing tool by linking the websites or portfolio pages.



■ Business Development

 - Accelerate sales activities by encouraging people to experience receiving NFTs.



■ Promotional Activities to Spread Knowledge about NFT

 - Ideal for introducing NFT to beginners due to the nature of our service that does not require an NFT wallet.



■ Exchanging Business Cards at Online Meetings

 - Embed a distribution site QR code in the background image to exchange them remotely.



User Feedback

 - My first experience with NFT was with NFT business cards!

 - It's perfect for introducing yourself to people who have never received an NFT before because you can easily give them one.
 - It is very eco-friendly because NFT business cards can be distributed with a single IC card.
 - The system can be used not only for exchanging business cards but also for various other purposes, such as social graphs.




Service Fee

■ New Card Fee: 3,000 yen per card
■ NFT Distribution System Operation Fee: 30,000 yen (flat rate up to 10 cards) / month


■ Paper Business Card Fee: 100 cards will be given for free for your first order.

    Additional cards can be ordered at a minimum of 5,000 yen / 100 cards per set.

List of Clients



For Corporates


1. Register your company information and make payment by credit card

Please confirm the Terms of Use.

Please follow the steps below to make a payment.

1) Submit your company information from the FORM.
2) We will email you a link for credit card registration.
3) After confirming credit card registration, a payment link will be emailed to you for payment.
4) Upon completion of the payment, the data submission page will be available.


2. Submitting Business Card Data
Please submit your business card data in PDF format (front and back). Download the format from HERE.


3.Material Data for the NFT
Please see HERE for details.


4. Appliccation completed!


To Order Additional Paper NFT Business Cards


■ Please contact us at to place your order.

1) Make a payment for the additional number of people/set from the payment link, and provide the shipping address.

2) Fill out the Additional Order Form with the required data.


■ Please place a new order if you wish to change the name or title on the card (IC card or paper).



Is there a format for data submission?

Yes. Please download the formats for both the front and the back side from HERE.

How should I submit the data for my business card?

Manual for Making NFT Business Card page will appear on the payment completion page.
Please enter your payment receipt number and proceed with the submission of your data.

Can I make modifications to the data after submission?

No. Changes cannot be made after the data have been submitted.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

My title has changed. Can I change the information on the NFT?

No. Once an NFT has been created, it cannot be changed. However, we can stop the distribution system.

Please submit a new order if you wish to distribute an NFT with updated information.

My smartphone won't read the IC card.

The compatibility with the IC card varies by smartphone model.
Please check if your smartphone model supports the IC card reader and try the following procedures.

■ For iPhone
Place the IC card on the front or the back of the device.

■ For Android
Unlock your phone and place the card on the back side of the device.

If the above procedure does not work, please use the QR code on the business card to receive NFT.