Audio Shot

What is Audio Shot?

"Audio Shot" (former AudioTokenDistributor) is a service that distributes NFTs by sound, using the "audio watermark" technology.
By applying audio watermarks to sound sources such as YouTube videos and live streamings, NFTs can be distributed as proof-of-contact to users who have attended the event. In addition, Audio Shot can offer an NFT experience to users who do not have their own NFT Wallet.

What is an NFT Wallet?

An NFT Wallet is a digital wallet for storing cryptocurrency and NFTs.
The wallet stores a key called a "private key," which functions as a signature when making transactions with cryptocurrency or purchasing NFTs.
Generally, MetaMask, a web browser extension, is used to create a Wallet.


Find instructions on how to open a MetaMask Wallet from HERE.


After NFTs are distributed, these NFTs can be used as proof of presence or participation as a flag to be applied to Token-Graph Marketing.

What is Token-Graph Marketing?

Try Audio Shot

This video allows you to receive an NFT by listening to its audio on your smartphone.Open the reception screen from the QR code below the video, and try listening to the audio of the video with the microphone permission enabled!

The audio reception site will open from the QR code below↓



Features of Audio Shot

1. Enables users without crypto assets or NFT wallet to receive NFTs

2. Possible NFT distribution to a large number of people through YouTube video, live streaming, in-store background music, and other forms of sound.

3. Low-cost, high-volume distribution of NFTs using the Shiden Network.



Distribution of Takafumi Horie's NFT in the "ZATSUDAN" App via Sound
ZATSUDAN 1st Anniversary Content Release & Special NFT Gift
Event period: Monday, April 25, 2022 - Monday, May 9, 2022
Special website:

Details: Commemorative NFT distribution by viewing the content
NFT Distribution at a Music Live Event (Re:Volt 2022)
A live event by virtual artists from RIOT MUSIC was held at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA on Friday, March 25, 2022, which was simultaneously streamed on Youtube.

Offline limited NFTs were distributed to those who visited LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, and online limited NFTs were distributed to YouTube viewers.
The "Secret Society Eagle Talon" by DLE Inc.'s Official NFT Distribution on YouTube

In celebration of launching an NFT project, past animations were released on the official "Eagle Talon" YouTube channel for a limited time, with exclusive NFTs distributed to those who watched the related videos.


There were 7 types of NFTs in total, including 3 types "Lost," "Win," and "Jackpot."

Approximately 5,000 NFTs were distributed due to the "omikuji" element, a random distribution of NFTs.

キービジュアル設定用(ブログ) (35)-1
Distribution of NFTs via Sound in FM Kyoto Radio Program

SUSHI TOP MARKETING, in collaboration with FM Kyoto, Music Environment Research Institute LLC, SEASONS Co., Ltd., Maeda Coffee Ltd., and with the support of Kyoto Prefecture, conducted an "Audio Coupon Campaign" as a business application demonstration experiment of audio-based NFT distribution technology. This campaign allowed listeners of a specific radio program on FM Kyoto to receive coupons that could be used at Maeda Coffee stores through the audio broadcast.

For more details, click here

Features on Media

Introduced on Tatami-nin Radio / Podcast Soken
Podcast Soken #06
Podcast Soken #22
Chizai-Zukan (Illustrated Book of Intellectual Property)


Audio watermarking is a technology that transmits information to the target device by attaching information to an inaudible sound that humans cannot hear. By using this, it is possible to set a condition such as "Mint the NFT when the trigger is received, "thus enabling the distribution of NFTs to limited audiences with proof of viewing.



Access Token

Use the NFTs distributed by Audio Shot as Access Tokens to allow only the NFT holders to visit a particular website.
The website can offer various utilities, such as selling limited-edition merchandise and NFTs, downloading wallpapers, and using the NFTs as discount coupons.
For instance, at Re:Volt 2022, contents exclusive to NFT holders were distributed on the event day.

Expected Marketing Measures

We have experience distributing NFTs via audio on TV and radio.
1. TV
2. Radio
3. Live events
4. YouTube
5. In-store background music
6. Stamp Rally (collecting stamps) in town