SUSHI TOP MARKETING is pleased to announce the full release of "Token-Graph Marketer," a system that allows companies to issue links to receive NFTs without an account and visualize the loyalty of users who have acquired NFTs through its unique technology.

Feature Overview of Token-Graph Marketer

*Patent pending

Issuing NFT Distribution Link

Company staff can freely use our original technology, "NFT Shot," capable of distributing NFTs without an account, and easily create NFT issuing links to carry out NFT marketing to achieve new touch points with customers.

Visualizing Loyalty

A unique feature that visualizes loyalty by interconnecting different types of activities, which has been challenging to achieve in the past, such as newsletter subscriptions, event participation, and product purchases, through the distribution of NFT.

Communication with Users

Allows one-on-one communication without collecting personal information by sending NFT Airdrops with notifications to highly loyal customers (wallet addresses) based on their NFT ownership history.

Hands On Consulting Service

SUSHI TOP staff will support companies using Token-Graph Marketer with hands on consulting. In addition to NFT marketing assistance using the system, we provide services to help companies produce their Web 3.0 business.

We support you with our rich knowledge in NFT business post introduction of Token-Graph Marketer.

Potential Use Cases

Retail Business

Utilize NFT in various ways, such as store signage, complimentary items for product purchases, newsletters, etc., to develop new customers, build a loyal customer base, and improve customer communication

Local Government

Distribute NFTs for free at multiple locations, such as stations and public facilities, as part of a campaign similar to a stamp rally to encourage tourists to tour around the area or grant NFTs as a return gift for hometown tax donations. Using these measures allows the designing of new indicators based on the loyalty of the relationship population to the local government.

*Up to 100,000 NFTs can be issued monthly with the basic plan when using the Astar Network. For other chains, please consult with us.

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