SUSHI TOP MARKETING Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of "SUSHI TOP My App," which allows users to easily manage NFTs by linking multiple wallets. The My App enables sending push notifications to NFT holders, creating a continuous communication system beyond the NFT distribution.


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Background of Developing SUSHI TOP My App

We have been executing many NFT distribution measures but have received many inquiries on "where to check the received NFTs." Many NFT recipients need help determining where to check the NFTs and often view them via NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or tofuNFT.
To solve this problem, we have developed the "SUSHI TOP My App." SUSHI TOP My App allows users to connect multiple wallets and efficiently manage the NFTs they have received.
Please feel free to try with the sample NFT.


Features of SUSHI TOP My App

Simple NFT Viewer Function

Received NFTs can be viewed easily. My App is browser-based, using PWA technology that treats websites like native apps, allowing users to display the contents effortlessly by adding it to their device's home screen. 

Centralized Management of Multiple Wallets

Connect multiple wallets such as MetaMask, unWallet, αUWallet, etc., and manage all together like a keychain for simple access. (Patent pending technology)

Customization of the App UI

Customize the logo displayed on the home screen icon, the title, and the header color of the pages in the App as desired to match the brand image. My App also allows customizing to display only the IP contents and NFTs issued by the brand, which makes building a dedicated application easy.

Push Notification and Sending Messages

NFT publishers can send messages to NFT holders via push notifications, making NFT distribution just a process for further communication with customers, such as informational and promotional activities. 

NFT Authentication and Connecting to E-commerce Sites

The My App menu enables you to display content that can only be viewed by specific NFT holders and connect to websites offering exclusive products requiring NFT authentication.


Press Release (Japanese)

SUSHI TOP MARKETING releases "SUSHI TOP My App" for easy management of NFTs by linking multiple wallets - Developed as a Web 3.0 CRM function enabling clients to communicate with NFT holders without handling personal information