SUSHI TOP provides the NFT Shot service to the NFT donation campaign organized by Seven Bank.

NFT Donation Campaign

The campaign will be conducted at more than 26,000 Seven Bank ATMs located in Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. stores, commercial facilities, airports, train stations, and other locations throughout Japan during the campaign period for all customers who make ATM donations to Seven-Eleven Memorial Foundation (those with "NFT" labeled on the transaction).

The NFT is tied with a special digital artwork created by Nozomu Kubota, a contemporary artist, and Creator's NEXT, Inc president. One type will be distributed randomly among the four types of artwork.

The NFTs distributed in this campaign will be issued in a non-transferable form (Soul Bound Token). We hope you will keep them as proof of your participation in the social contribution activities.

For further information on this campaign and the artwork, please visit:

Outline of NFT Distribution

Period: From July 18, 2023, to October 16, 2023
Location: Seven Bank ATMs
Terms: Donations to the target organization through ATMs

For details of the press release, please visit:

Mr. Kubota's Intentions

Mr. Kubota, who is in charge of art for NFT, said he was only sometimes aware of protecting the natural environment. However, through a volunteer cleanup at Lake Biwa organized by the Seven-Eleven Foundation, he was surprised at the amount of trash. He also strongly felt that people are connected not by love but by the issue of "trash."

Furthermore, when he saw local children playing at Lake Biwa, he realized that adults were taking away children's playgrounds and asked himself if there was anything he could do to help. Now he is hoping to use NFT to help solve the problem.

Mr. Kubota also said he hopes people will actively speak out once they have donated. He hopes to expand his activities by breaking the common sense in Japan, where donating anonymously is considered a virtue.