SUSHI TOP MARKETING has signed a sponsorship agreement with the American football team "otonari Fukuoka SUNS" operated by the general incorporated association Fukuoka SUNS (Head office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Director: Itaru Yoshino).

Through the sponsorship agreement, we will provide NFT distribution on Astar Network to visitors and merchandise sales with NFTs to visualize the supporters' history and the fan power to encourage Token-Graph Marketing.

Expected Benefits of the Sponsorship Agreement

Since SUSHI TOP's establishment in October 2021, we have supported the corporates' Token-Graph Marketing through the distribution and sales of NFT. Through our successful activities, such as NFT distribution in railroads, printing, and many other industries, we have created a variety of use cases for companies.

The sponsorship agreement with the American football team "otonari Fukuoka SUNS" will allow continuous free NFT distribution and merchandise sales with NFT at game sites and through social networks. This will increase the motivation of fans to support the team, as they will be able to express their contribution to the team according to the number and types of NFTs they own.

In the future, we are also considering a system to reward fans for their support, such as by granting benefits according to the level of their dedication.

Commemorative NFT of Sponsorship Agreement

To celebrate our sponsorship agreement with otonari Fukuoka SUNS, we are distributing Astar NFTs for free.
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June 1, 2023, 10:00 AM - June 30, 2023, 11:59 PM
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For information on future NFT distributions and details, check HERE.