SUSHI TOP MARKETING Co. Ltd. (Headquarter: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Daisuke Tokunaga; hereinafter “SUSHI TOP”) provides the software system to “SAI by IZUMO,” a collaboration project with artists to distribute digital badges by AnotherBall (CEO: Shunsuke Oyu, known as Captain), a virtual entertainment experience provider for the new era.

The non-transferable digital badges distributed in this new project, “SAI by IZUMO,” utilize our software.


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How To Receive A Digital Badge (SBT)

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What is IZUMO?

IZUMO is a VTuber project launched in February 2023. Their mission is to build a sustainable platform where everyone can be themselves by applying technology while grounded in the world-leading Japanese anime culture. IZUMO is currently offering the avatar assets of their main character, “Ailis,” for free to both commercial and non-commercial users to maximize the potential of the creators.

What is SAI by IZUMO?

SAI by IZUMO is a project by a team of creators representing the Japanese entertainment industry to add extra colors to IZUMO's main character "Ailis" and distribute it as digital badges for free in order to expand the possibilities of creativity and expression through new technologies.
Six renowned creators are participating in the project.
Yusuke Kozaki, A character designer for the AR game "Pokémon GO" for smartphones, also works as an illustrator and manga artist.
Aoi Yuki, A voice actress who won the Best Actress Award at the 6th Seiyu Awards, has been very successful in video games and movie dubbing.
KEI, Known for his character designs for "Hatsune Miku" and "Kagamine Rin/Len."
Ryu Nakayama, An animation director of "Chainsaw Man."
Shingo Adachi, Involved in a number of well-known popular titles such as "Lycoris Recoil" and the "Sword Art Online" series.
Naoki Saito, An illustrator and YouTuber known for works on the "Pokemon Trading Card Game" and "Duel Masters" series.