Commemorative NFTs

Starting March 18, 2023, Tokyu Corporation has distributed 4 types of NFTs to commemorate the opening of the Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line.


Below is from the Tokyu Corporation press release.

"A total of 4 types of NFTs will be distributed for free: a reissued design of the 9000 Series train that was once used on the Toyoko Line (3D train design animation), a headmark displayed on the train for a limited time, a train card with a station name sign, and a design celebrating the opening of the line by artist IKU HARADA.
In order to allow customers to experience the joy of owning and collecting our unique NFTs, a special website, "TOKYU RAILWAYS NFT PROJECT," will open. Special content, including rare images and videos, will be available only to NFT owners.
This project was initiated by two drivers of the Ikegami Line and Tokyu Tamagawa Line, who submitted their ideas through our employees-only idea suggestion system. Since December 2021, they have been working toward realizing this project in addition to their day-to-day driving duties."

4 types of NFTs will be distributed for free, including a railroad car and headmark with a limited design commemorating the opening of the Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line - a special website for NFT owners will be set up, and special contents will be released sequentially, providing a new experience on a digital platform

How To Get the NFTs

NFT receipt period: March 18, 2023 - April 17, 2023

   *This schedule is as of March 18 and may change. Any changes will be announced via "tweets" on the special website. 

[ 1 ] NFT of the Reissued Design of the Toyoko Line 9000 Series (3D car design animation) 

Distribution Locations

1. March 18, from 7:00 AM
At Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Station North Exit East Plaza, distributed via train card with a QR code printed.
(Limited to 3,000. First come, first served.)

2. March 19, the first train - April 17, the last train
At Shin-Tsunashima and Hiyoshi Stations, distributed via posters with a QR code outside the ticket gates.

[ 2 ] Train Card NFT

Distribution Locations

1. March 18, from 5:00 AM
At the concourse of Shin-Tsunashima Station, distributed via Train Card with a QR code printed.
(Limited to 2,000 cards. First come, first served)

2. March 19, first train - April 17, last train
At Shin-Tsunashima and Hiyoshi Stations, distributed via posters with a QR code outside the ticket gates.

 [ 3 ] Head Mark NFT

Distribution Location

TBA sequentially after noon on March 18

URL for receiving the NFT will be released on the official Tokyu Corporation Twitter.

​​​[ 4 ] NFT "Dreaming Railways" by artist IKU HARADA 

Distribution Location

TBA around noon on March 18

URL for receiving the NFTs will be released on Tokyu Corporation's official Instagram.


Launch of the Special Website

On the special website "TOKYU RAILWAYS NFT PROJECT," which opened on March 13, 2023, rare images and videos exclusive to NFT owners were sequentially released.
Visitors enjoyed 3D trains and limited announcements.


Q. I don't have a wallet. Can I still receive the NFT?

Anyone with a smartphone can easily receive NFTs using SUSHI TOP MARKETING's unique temporary wallet system.

For details, please refer to the Help page.

Q. I forgot to bookmark the page (My Page) after receiving my NFT.

You can view your NFTs by opening HERE and select the "View NFT" button on the device you received your NFTs. Please use the backup card if the "View NFT" button does not appear, as the cache may have been cleared.

Q. How can I view the NFT I received?

You can view them from My Page.

For details, please refer to the View NFTs in the Help page.

Q. Can I resell my NFT?

No, resell or transfer is not available. We would like you to keep them long as proof of your fandom.

Q. Which chain is the NFT issued on?

These NFTs are issued on the Astar Network.
For details on Astar, please see HERE.

Looking at the Future from Tokyu Corporation's NFT Distribution

NFT sales by railroad companies are no longer uncommon, such as Tokyo Metro's NFT sales of realistic 3D modeling data of actual trains and JR West's NFT sales of cards, 3D figures, and other items (Kaitetsu NFT Collection).
However, the NFT distribution by Tokyu Corporation is expected to be similar to the Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program due to its free distribution rather than sales.

This case may be the very first case of accountless NFT distribution. A train company, rooted deeply in our daily lives, utilizing NFT in a user-friendly manner (NFT distribution is relatively user-friendly compared to NFT sales) may be a very effective way for NFT to gain mass adoption.

SUSHI TOP Assisting Tokyu Corporation in NFT Distribution and Special Site Management

SUSHI TOP MARKETING provides the NFT distribution service for Tokyu Corporation.


By using the web3 layer as a set, the NFT sale is possible without virtual currency, and it can give access to exclusive content only to NFT owners.
If you are interested in marketing strategies using NFTs, please contact us!