We, SUSHI TOP, have added chain support to Oasys following the blockchain gaming magazine "Blockchain Famitsu" release.
Anyone can easily receive the NFT on Oasys' ChainVerse by scanning the QR code in the "Blockchain Famitsu" with their smartphone and following the instructions on the screen.
Through this chain support, we expect to distribute NFTs on other Verse on Oasys in the future.

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About "Blockchain Famitsu"

"Blockchain Famitsu" is the first free blockchain information magazine published by Famitsu and Oasys. It features information for blockchain game beginners; its features, attractions, ways to enjoy blockchain games, the status of each game company's efforts in blockchain games, and about Oasys.
As a bonus, it also offers a free NFT on Oasys' ChainVerse.

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About Oasys

Oasys is a game-specific blockchain project based on the concept of "Blockchain for Games." A total of 21 companies, including major game companies such as Bandai Namco Research Inc. and Web3 companies, are initial validators (chain operating parties) of the project. The Eco-friendly PoS (Proof of Stake) method is used for the consensus-building algorithm.
The unique Oasys architecture provides both free transaction fees and faster transaction processing for blockchain game users, enabling a comfortable game-playing environment.
In addition, Oasys' own currency, OAS, was listed on the crypto asset exchange bitbank on April 3, 2023; OAS has already been officially listed on five overseas Exchanges, with a market capitalization of approximately 100 billion yen.
For more information, please visit the following website.


The Relationship Between Blockchain Games (BCG, GameFi) and NFT Distribution

While interest in blockchain games has been growing in recent years and major companies are beginning to enter the market, playing blockchain games requires handling wallets and virtual currency. Since high literacy is necessary to handle these, the bar has been high for users to enter the market, who have not been familiar with virtual currency.
However, SUSHI TOP has developed and provides an NFT distribution service called "NFT Shot," which allows users without wallets or virtual currency to easily receive NFTs, allowing them to contact NFTs without being aware of it.
This way, general users who were not involved in blockchain games can receive NFTs and explore how they can be used or actually play games that can use the NFTs, leading to an increased interest in them.
For example, in the first issue of "Blockchain Famitsu," a free campaign is running to receive a free NFT called "OASSY," an unofficial character of Oasys, by scanning the QR in the PDF file.
This NFT can evolve and be used in future games released on ChainVerse, demonstrating excellent chemistry between the NFT distribution and blockchain games.

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For instance, when you go to see a Pokemon movie at the theater, people receive a Pokemon that can be used in the game. With NFT distribution becoming more common and popular, receiving NFTs as proof or a reward for doing something may become mainstream.

Oasys Pop-Up Shop "PlaytheFuture" on Apr. 15 (Sat.) & 16 (Sun.)

■Outiline: Pop-up store "Play the Future" presented by Oasys

Date: April 15 (Sat.) & 16 (Sun.), 2023, 11 am - 6 pm (JST)
Location: Antenna 21 Building 1F, 30-7 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (3 min. walk from Shibuya Station)
Registration: Not required
Admission: Free
Visitors can play Oasys ChainVerse's FPS survival blockchain game "ChainGunnies" for free! The demo is also a special OASSY version exclusively designed for this event.
In addition, the more missions you complete, the higher the "OASSY" level can get. The evolved NFT may be utilized on Chain Verse.


SUSHI TOP's Supported Chains as of April 2023 and its Benefits

So far, SUSHI TOP has distributed NFTs on Astar Network, Shiden Network, Polygon, and other blockchains. But now, with Oasys chain support, we can issue and distribute NFTs in a broader selection of blockchains than ever before.
These changes will increase the convenience of blockchain games and other NFT-related services for users as they will have more opportunities to obtain NFTs on the chains they use.
In terms of businesses, by having SUSHI TOP provide chain support for the main blockchain they use, companies can maximize the effectiveness of their advertising and promotions through NFT distribution.
Moreover, SUSHI TOP also promotes "Token-Graph Marketing," a marketing strategy that uses NFT ownership information to infer users' interests and hobbies. The more we add support to various chains, the closer we become to achieving Token-Graph Marketing.

Sushitop supports NFT distribution for various municipalities and companies!

We Support NFT Distribution for Various Local Governments and Companies!
SUSHI TOP offers support to various local governments and companies, including Kyoto Prefecture and Famitsu, from NFT distribution to the development of measures after NFT distribution.
We can also distribute NFT on various blockchains such as Astar Network, Oasys, Polygon, etc.
If you are interested in marketing strategies using NFTs, please contact us!