As an experimental demonstration of a new marketing method using NFTs, Kyoto Tower held the "Test Your Luck in 2023, NFT Gacha 'Fortune Raffle' at Kyoto Tower".


The event was part of Kyoto Prefecture's Metaverse Co-Creation Project, which integrated tourism and digital fortune-telling utilizing NFT, a digital technology.
Anyone with a smartphone could easily participate in the event.

Date: Dec. 1, 2022 - Dec. 20, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM - 9:00 PM JST
Location: Kyoto Tower Observation Deck

Organizers: Keihan Hotels & Resorts, Bee Dream, Directors Univ, and SUSHI TOP MARKETING, with the cooperation of Kyoto Prefecture and Yamashina Syoten Sorinin Temple.

The NFT Gacha offered 10 different NFTs (digital data) at random.


About NFTs Distributed at Kyoto Tower

The 10 types of NFTs are as follows.
- Kyoto Tower's Special NFT image
- Omikuji NFT image (4 types)
- Yamashina Syoten Sorinin Temple Prayed Special NFT image (2 types)
- Kyoto Tower & Tawawa-chan merchandise 10% off coupon
- KYOTO TOWER SANDO 500yen shopping coupon
- Tawawa-chan ema (votive picture) & Omikuji gift

スクリーンショット 2023-04-04 190625

Number of NFT Recipients

5,906 people (5,906 pieces) received NFTs in 20 days!


<Feedback on Social Media>

- Sounds like a fun approach involving NFT.

- I like that it uses a Browser Wallet so that anyone can receive it, and it can also connect to a Wallet to store it with other collections.

- I went up the Kyoto Tower to try the NFT Gacha.

- The local government is working on many projects, but getting the community up and running may take time.


As a result, a great number of people received the NFT, including those who were not familiar with it at all. We believe that SUSHI TOP's NFT distribution system, designed for easy receipt, enabled this outcome.

In addition, it is said that less than 1% of the population in Japan owns NFTs. The fact that approximately 6,000 people received the NFT in physical stores suggests an excellent example of how to promote NFT in an area where the content has yet to be mass-adapted.

How To Receive the NFT

Receiving an NFT only required scanning the QR code on the admissions ticket or posters in the Kyoto Tower observation deck with a smartphone and tapping the " Play NFT Gacha" button to complete. The received NFT was displayed about a minute after the process to confirm which NFT the visitor had won.

We want to quote the instructions on receiving NFTs from the Kyoto Prefectural government's easy-to-understand description with a casual taste.

We gave it a try!

Mr. O: Please read the QR code on your ticket with a smartphone.
Mr. A: Sure. Whoa, the page opened! Now tap "Play NFT Gacha..."


Mr. O: It will take about a minute here.

Mr. A: Cool. Looks just like a fortune raffle! So, what do I win?


Mr. O: For example, "Kyoto Tower Memorial NFT image." This is a legitimate image of Kyoto Tower (by Keihan Hotels & Resorts). Most sightseeing pictures are taken freely, but this one is official.

Mr. A: I see. That's exactly what NFT is.

Mr. O: Or "10% off coupon" for merchandise. The advantage of this is that they will not be used repeatedly.

Mr. A: That makes sense.

Mr. O: In addition, as a plus side of NFT, a new service can be added later. This is beneficial for both the provider and the user.

Mr. A: That's great. Ah, there it is! An Excellent Luck!


Mr. O: That's an "Omikuji" one.

Mr. A: Hmm, what kind of benefits do I get?

Mr. O: You can feel happy.

Mr. A: Well, that's a little plain... Oh, it works as an alibi. It's proof that I came here today. Many people in the world must want to use it as an alibi! (haha)

Mr. O: By the way, this NFT was also prayed for at a temple called Sorinin in Yamashina.


Mr. A: Wow, I can look at the NFT on my tablet!


More details can be found on Kyoto Prefecture's official website.


Cryptocurrency or a wallet is usually required to handle NFTs. However, SUSHI TOP's patent-pending "NFT Shot," a technology automatically generates a wallet on a browser, enables receiving NFTs via QR code without needing any cryptocurrency or a wallet. Thereby, anyone with a smartphone could easily receive NFTs.

Inside the Kyoto Tower

  • 1st floor
    The NFT distribution campaign was announced at various locations.

  • 14th and 15th floor, Observation Deck
    Posters and flyers were placed around the floors.

Poster images were also shown on digital signages.

スクリーンショット 2023-04-04 190612

Role of Each Company

The respective roles of each company are as follows.
  • Keihan Hotels & Resorts Inc. (Management of Kyoto Tower / Kyoto, Japan)
    Venue provider
  • Bee Dream Inc. (Advertising Agency / Kyoto, Japan)
    Overall project management of the experimental demonstration
  • Directors Univ Inc. (Advertising Agency / Kyoto, Japan)
    Promotional activities
  • SUSHI TOP MARKETING Co. Ltd. (WEB3.0 Startup / Tokyo, Japan)
    NFT technology provider


In modern society, human behavior and values are becoming more diverse, and new forms of customer experience and social participation are demanded. Therefore, industry-academia-government cooperation is underway to create new social mechanisms to achieve greater individual fulfillment through digital technologies such as blockchain and metaverse. The NFT Gacha event at Kyoto Tower was one of the examples of these initiatives. These digital technologies, NFT, metaverse, and avatars, are expected to create new values and enrich the customer experience in the tourism industry.
In addition, by utilizing " Token-Graph Marketing," a new marketing method that can meet diverse needs through events such as this case, there is a great potential to attract a broader audience to tourism sites and companies. Furthermore, using digital technology such as NFT can create new business opportunities and social good in various fields, not just the tourism industry.
In the future, as Kyoto Tower and other tourist attractions and companies continue to develop new approaches and services utilizing digital technologies and blockchain, they will adapt themselves to provide attractive experiences to meet diverse customer needs, which will result in attracting inbound visitors.

SUSHI TOP Supports NFT Distribution for Local Governments and Companies!

SUSHI TOP provides NFT distribution to post-distribution measures support to many local governments and companies such as Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Prefecture.

We are happy to assist you in developing a marketing strategy using NFT!
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