Campaign overview

Name: Audio Coupon Campaign
Content: A campaign where receiving an audio coupon on a radio program entitles the holder to one free cup of the special blend at Maeda Coffee. 
Duration: January 9, 2024 (Tuesday) to January 26, 2024 (Friday) *Ends after the first 100 uses
Participating Locations: Maeda Coffee stores (Muromachi Main Store, Myorin Store, Fumin Store, Oike Store, Kyohaku Store, NOKU CAFÉ, Maeda Tea Room, Kyoto International Manga Museum Store, Bungeikan Store, salon de 1904, Ryukoku Museum Store) *Excludes NIWAcafé, Prefectural Hall ALTI Store, and Kodaiji Store.

Detailed leaflet


Radio Program Overview (Coupon Distribution Broadcast)

Broadcast Station: α-STATION FM KYOTO *Compatible with time-shifted listening on the radio service "radiko"

Date and Time: January 9, 2024 (Tuesday), January 16, 2024 (Tuesday), January 23, 2024 (Tuesday) from 16:30 to 16:50 *Only one type of coupon will be distributed. Each person can receive it only once.

Program Name: GOOD & NEW KYOTO - "The Sound Veranda: Exploring Kyoto's Modern Architecture and Café Spaces through Sound"


Receiving and Using the NFT Coupon

Follow the steps below, in order, to acquire the NFT and use the coupon at Maeda Coffee stores.


STEP1:Open the reception page and listen to the radio.

STEP2:After receiving the coupon, bookmark it.

STEP3:Order coffee and show the coupon at the time of payment.

When using the coupon in STEP 3, you need to open the coupon usage page provided by our company. By opening the coupon usage page while owning the NFT, the NFT ownership is verified, and a button to use the coupon will be displayed.

Audio Reception Page:

Coupon Usage Page:


There's also a video explanation available, guiding you from the receipt of the NFT to the usage of the coupon↓↓

Key Points of the Project

This initiative utilizes "Audio Shot," our company's service that combines "acoustic watermarking" technology, embedding encrypted text information into audio signals, with a mechanism for delivering NFTs to viewers' devices through sound. It redefines radio as an advertising medium and serves as a demonstrative experiment. With just a smartphone, participation is easy for everyone, without the need for a wallet. Additionally, by integrating the "NFT Authentication" service, which allows the NFTs received to be used as coupons in physical stores, it becomes possible to create experiences that cross the online/offline divide.

Audio Shot:

NFT Authentication:


About FM Kyoto

FM Kyoto operates the Kyoto-based FM radio station "α-STATION FM Kyoto". α-STATION FM Kyoto is committed to the city of Kyoto, always generating new culture. It aims to contribute to revitalizing Kyoto and creating superior culture and markets.


About Maeda Coffee

A long-established coffee shop beloved by Kyoto residents since its founding in 1971. Located in the heart of Kyoto near Karasuma, the main store is bustling with local regulars in the morning and businesspeople and office workers during lunchtime. The coffee is meticulously roasted in-house, and all food and sweets are handmade. Offering a wide variety of breakfast options, hearty lunches, and diverse sweets, Maeda Coffee is cherished by customers of all ages.

SUSHI TOP Supports NFT Distribution for Local Governments and Companies!

SUSHI TOP provides NFT distribution to post-distribution measures support to many local governments and companies such as Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Prefecture.

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