SUSHITOP's Policy on Dappstaking

SUSHITOP has contributed to the distribution of Astar NFTs domestically in collaboration with companies like Tokyu Railways and Seven Bank.
In SUSHITOP's NFT distribution service, end-users can essentially receive NFTs without any gas fees. We will continue to use Astar in Dappstaking to create a better user experience in order to contribute to the Astar ecosystem.

Dappstaking Rewards

The rewards for staking and voting on SUSHI TOP MARKETING do not essentially include Astar returns.
Therefore, Dappstaking with SUSHITOP is not recommended for those who prioritize economic returns.
However, we are considering the possibility of airdropping utility NFTs as rewards to stakers in the future.
Please look forward to the continued growth of SUSHITOPMARKETING.