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Introducing our solutions from basic NFT distribution to distribution using the NFT authentication system with examples of past cases.

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Featured in Martech Outlook
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Watch the Video to Learn About "Token-Graph Marketing," a New Marketing Method for the Web3.0 Era

People can now truly "own" their digital data with the introduction of blockchain and NFTs. Along with the traditional interest graph and social graph, web marketing can utilize the new concept of "token graph" to determine personas based on an individual's ownership of their digital data.

What is "One Shot"? Delivering NFTs Offline to People You Want To

This service can generate 2D barcodes and URLs that issue NFTs only once. Opened URL will display "used" when re-opened once the NFT has been received, protecting the user from unauthorized acquisition and adding value to physical items when selling the products.


Seminar / Solution Videos

Watch videos of previous events and service introductions.

Token-Graph Marketing: A New Marketing Method for the Web 3.0 Era

Pitch @ JETRO Global Preparation: Daisuke Tokunaga

Audio Shot: Distributing NFTs with Sound via Various Platforms

Smart Gashapon: Get NFT with Cashless Gashapon!



NFT Business Card:
No More Paper Business Cards! Distribute it with a Single Card


One Shot: Distribute NFTs Only to Those You Want To

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